Episode 12

Book Review – Mike Stone Texas Ranger by Patrick Lindsay


September 15th, 2020

19 mins 50 secs

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Welcome to Episode 12: Book Review – Mike Stone Texas Ranger by Patrick Lindsay

Join the crew of Spotlighting the Indie Author as they review Mike Stone Texas Ranger by Patrick Lindsay.
Mike Stone Texas Ranger is a fast-paced western yarn that is hard to put down! Texas in the 1880's offered both opportunity and danger. Mike Stone comes to Texas to avoid the gunfighter reputation he had acquired in New Mexico. He finds adventure and danger as he settles in near Austin with an unexpected inheritance and a beautiful new neighbor. He finds it hard to put the guns away when the Texas Rangers come calling. You'll enjoy this western mystery with a touch of intrigue and echoes of a famous outlaw from Texas history.

The Author – Patrick Lindsay

The Book - Mike Stone Texas Ranger

All of Patrick Lindsay’s Book can be found on Amazon

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