Episode 14

Book Review – The Hell Next Door by Mark McLaughlin


October 15th, 2020

28 mins 58 secs

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Welcome to Episode 14: Book Review – The Hell Next Door by Mark McLaughlin

The legendary demons Asmodeus, Pazuzu, and Lilith are in the fight of their lives along with the Angels and Humans who work in hell with them. Why did Hell bust wide open? An experiment by one of the sons of Lilith goes south in a hurry. The result, Evil in the form of nature along with a Demon-Angel jeopardizes Hell, Heaven and the Afterlife. No Human, Angel or Demon including the biggest and purest of the Demons are safe. Can Miles, a Human and Paxton, a Minor Angel save the ones they love along with the Afterlife and Earth.

Join the full crew of Spotlighting the Indie Author as they review The Hell Next Door by Mark McLaughlin.

The Author – Mark McLaughlin

The Book - The Hell Next Door

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