Episode 15

Book Review – Decoding the Rapture by Joey Andolini


November 1st, 2020

24 mins

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Welcome to Episode 15: Book Review – Decoding the Rapture by Joey Andolini

When will the rapture and the last 7 years of the Tribulation happen? Can algorithms help with decoding the rapture? What critical indicators are pointing to the imminent Rapture of the church?

Decoding the Rapture examines the 7 following signs:

  • Increasing Birth Pains
  • The invasion of Israel
  • Middle East Peace Plan
  • Rise of the Beast and the False Prophet
  • Formation of a One – World Government
  • Global Persecution of Christians
  • The roll out of the Mark of the Beast

Join Joseph Clay and Kelli Winkler as they review Decoding the Rapture by Joey Andolini.

The Author – Joey Andolini

The Book - Decoding the Rapture

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