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Book Review - Hotel 66 - by Michael King


February 26th, 2020

10 mins 14 secs

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Book Review of Hotel 66 written by Independent Author Michael King. How many stars will Nina and Joseph award this book? Will the book make the cut or deemed not worth the reader’s time or money? Maybe the tale deserves a round of applause from Nina and Joe? Let's hope the book doesn't wind up being tossed out the window landing in the dumpster below. What will happen if the two disagree on how good or bad the book is.

Synopsis of Hotel 66 written by Michael King.
After murdering a thief, an MC biker, Christopher Cook, rides en Route 66 only to find a haunted hotel where he meets a beautiful woman named Tiffany West.
From the synopsis found on Smashwords this seemed like a great book to review and publish that review in The Corral, an online magazine.

SmashWord Book Data:
Hotel 66
By Michael King
Price: $0.99
Category: Fiction » Thriller & suspense » Crime thriller, Fiction » Horror » Undead
Published: Aug 6, 2019
Words: 5,121
Language: English

The transcript for this Podcast was a book review posted by ThunderHorse Publishing, Issue #110 * Blog #23-2019 * Section: Book Reviews, Visit Book Review – Hotel 66 – Author: Michael King to read the blog.

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