Episode 2

Book Review - Woman With a Gun by Phillip Margolin


April 1st, 2020

25 mins 31 secs

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Joseph Clay is flying solo in Episode 2 of Spotlighting The Indie Author. This episode is more than a book review of Woman With A Gun, by: Phillip Margolin. Joseph, after the review covers what the Independent Author can learn from Phillip Margolin's writing style and technique found in the book Woman With a Gun. Joseph talks about the importance of a well written book blurb and a well-designed book cover. He touches on the proper use of the Line/Scene Break. The other topics Joseph covers are naming characters, word overuse and more.

Author's Website: Phillip Margolin.

Woman With A Gun, Sleight of Hand , and The Perfect Alibi can be purchased anywhere books are sold. Amazon has all the books in the following versions. eBook, Audio Book, Hardcover and Paperback.

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For more information aboth this podcast and any updates on the book and author featured in todays podcast check out Podcast Show Notes Eposide 2.

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