Episode 34

Author Chat with Patrick E Craig - Author of The Scepter and the Isle and The Gettysburg Letter (Latest Releases)


June 24th, 2021

36 mins 12 secs

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Welcome to Author Chat with Patrick E Craig - Author of The Scepter and the Isle and The Gettysburg Letter (Latest Releases)

Length: 36 minutes 12 seconds

Patrick E Craig is an author of 15 published books. These books have been published through traditional publishing houses, Publishing independently, and under his own publishing brand. Join us as we chat with Patrick about his latest releases, The Scepter and the Isle and The Gettysburg Letter. Plus we will pick up some tips on ISBN's, research, and publishing plus more.

Join Joseph Clay and Patrick E. Craig for an in depth author chat about his latest release and the stories behind the stories. We will also find out more about Patrick during the author chat and in the 10 Off the Wall Questions segments. Do you know what you could find in Patrick's high school locker? Give the show a listen to find out this answer and more.

Nina Turnipseed and Kelli Winkler will be co-hosting the show with Joseph.

The Author – Patrick E. Craig

Patrick E. Craig on Spotlighting the Indie Author

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