Episode 4

Author Chat with Joseph Clay Author/Blogger/Entrepreneur and Podcast Host


May 15th, 2020

41 mins 29 secs

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Today’s Podcast, Episode 4 is sure to be filled with excitement and packed full of attitude along with being a ton of fun. Why? This is Nina Turnipseed's first interview ever and her guest, the man himself, Joseph Clay, Indie Author, Entrepreneur, and Nina's boss. Nina is on a quest to find out what makes Joseph tick. Her questions won’t be easy ones. Nina plans to find out why Joseph hasn’t released any new material in close to 4 years and why does he keep rewriting Demons of the Jungle?

Nina will also find out the answers to the following questions'
What's the title of Joseph's next release is and what the tale is about?
When it is scheduled for release?
How many books does Joseph have in his WIP folder?

Nina has structured her questions so the answers will include writing tips for her and other indie authors.
Secretly Nina hopes to pick up her first scoop as an interviewer.
During their chat will Joseph try to side step any of my questions? Will their egos clash? Will Nina get a scoop?
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