Episode 9

Book Review/Author Chat - Muerte - Death is What I Do by John W. Wood


August 1st, 2020

30 mins 14 secs

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Welcome to Episode 9: Book Review - Muerte - Death is What I Do, by John W. Wood; With Special Guest John W. Wood

Within the shadows of the US Government, a decision has been made to declare war on the drug trade. Only a few know about this no holds-barred-war.
Colonel Ethan Wade, USMC, has been assigned to place a mole within the Mexican Cartel. Colonel Wade calls upon a man from within his Black Ops team, Ricardo 'Rico' Garcia, also known by his Marine handle, 'Muerte.'

Rico is known within black ops as a Speed-Killer, and is given free rein to do whatever needs to be done to destroy the drug trade.

Join Nina Turnipseed and Joseph Clay as they review this action packed thriller, plus talk to the author John W. Wood about this tale and others he has penned. Will Muerte - Death is What I Do earn a round of applause or be tossed in trash below?

The Author - John W. Wood

The Book - Muerte - Death is What I Do


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