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About and Purpose

About and Purpose


Spotlighting the Indie Author airs 2 episodes a month, the first and fifteenth. Each episode is pre-recorded and is between 10 and 45 minutes in length. The hosts of Spotlighting the Indie Author are:

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Spotlighting the Indie Author's purpose is a simple one. Spotlighting the Indie Author will shine the light on the Indie Author with book reviews and interviews with a dash of writing wisdom tossed in. The Cost to the Indoie Author - $0.00 as in FREE.

Since our services are free we seek donations from the general publiic to offset the cost associated with the podcast. Are you passionate about supporting the Indoe Author Community? If you are join Spotlighting the Indie Author in supporting the Indie Author by becoming a Patron.

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The books that are reviewed and rated, using the 5 star system, on Spotlighting the Indie Author have been published within the last 12 months. The reviews are unique in a couple of ways. One, since Spotlighting the Indie Author purchases all the books that are reviewed, those reviews are honest and sometimes brutal. Second the host will us the book review as a teaching tool. They will point out the good, bad and ugly to other Indie Authors. This helps them learn what and what not to do which will help the Indie Author avoid the same pitfalls in their writing. Education is the only way to lift the stigma that surrounds the Independent Author. Read The Stigma Surrounding the Independent Artist to find out what we are speaking of.

Books for review are chosen at random or by author request.


The interviews will consist of Indie Authors who are launching a book for pre-order or a just released book. These interviews are by author request.


Spotlighting The Indie Author is a division of ThunderHorse Publishing and part of the Joseph E Clay Dot Com family.

ThunderHorse Publishing’s goal is also a simple one. To provide resources and services to the Independent Author/Writer/Blogger and showcase their talents.

The Corral an online magazine is another division of ThunderHorse Publishing. Spotlighting the Indie Author and The Corral gives the Indie Author a double barrel approach to getting their works published and marketed along with giving them a platform to be heard, all at no cost.

Are you an Indie Author who would like their book reviewed or have a book about to be released and want to talk about? If so use the Contact Form and drop is line. We will let you know how Spotlighting the Indie Author and The Corral can help you.

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