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Spotlighting the Indie Author is turning to the listeners of the podcast to help with recovering some of the cost associated with the podcast. Together we can continue promoting the Indie Author and their books. Who knows, you may be helping the next Stephen King get noticed. You can partner with us in several ways.

We recomned the below sites, but can not gaurantee your satisifacation with their services as each individuals needs are diffrent. The below Affliates and Sponsors have meet the following critiria.

  • The products and/or comapny are being or have been used by Spotlighting the Indie Author.
  • The propducts and services were as advertised and meet or suppased our expectations and needs at a resonible price.
  • The companies are trust worthy and in good standing with Spotlighting the Indie Autrhor.

Note by clicking the links below and buying the product or services a precentage of the purchase price is paid to Joseph E Clay Dot Com to help recoup the cost of Spotlighting the Indie Author podcast



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For more ways to help Spotlighting the Indoie Authour which in turns helps in the promoting of Indie Authors visit our Make a Donation Page

Thank you in advance for your support!

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