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The Official Blog

The Official Blog

Welcome to the official blog of Spotlighting the Indie Author. The blogs below will be in two different categories.

Those titled Podcast Notes Episode followed by a number will give the technical data for that particular episode. Example, how the show was recorded and mixed, information on podcast equipment and programs. That blog will also contain the music and sound effect credits.

The blogs titled Show News will contain information about changes to the podcast, schedule, and/or the staff.

Joseph E Clay Dot Com our parent company has recorded our journey in to the world of Podcasting in a series of blog found on their Official Blog in the category of Spotlighting the Indie Author. Those blogs will cover the early start up through the present. There is also a series on that blog titled Podcasting 101 found in the category with the dame name. Those blogs are tailored to help others avoid the pit falls we did.

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