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Podcast Notes Episode 1

Issue 131 * Blog 10-2020 * Read Time: 2 Min. - Post Category: Podcast Notes

Podcast Title : Episode 1: Book Review - Hotel 66 - by Michael King

Update on author Michael King and Hotel 66.

ThunderHorse Publishing purchased this book in September of 2019. Between then and now it disappeared from the internet. Poof gone. Hotel 66 is no longer available on any eBook outlet. The book was originally published to Smashwords, Rakuten Kobo and Apple Books in September of 2019. A different book cover represented the tale on each site.

There was no data found on Michael King. We found a Michael King who is an author and a New Zealand historian. He passed in 2004 fifteen years before Hotel 66 was written and published. Please don't be mistaken, Hotel 66 was not written by this Michael King.

Joseph would never pat himself on the back but he believes Hotel 66 was pulled from the market due to the plagiarism he mentioned in the podcast. We can't be positive and the only way to find out for sure was to contact the author. Since Michael King the author of Hotel 66 can't be found we here at ThunderHorse Publishing are leaning towards Joseph’s assumption.

There is a valuable lesson to be learned here. Don’t plagiarize, write your own work, if you can’t don’t write at all!

Podcast Notes

Todays show was recorded on a Inspiron 24-2455 computer using the built in mic. There was now post production modifications made. We later learned that this was a mistake. We are shopping for a suitable mic and audio editing program to improve sound quality.

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Christy Warren