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Podcast Notes Episode 6

Issue 141* Blog 20-2020 * Read Time: 5 Min. - Post Category: Podcast Notes

Podcast Title: Episode 6: Special Guest - Author Lauren Robinson - The Boy Who Saw in Colours

Before we get into the blog, Spotlighting the Indie Author would like to thank our guest Lauren Robinson for being patient and working with us through the technical difficulties.

We faced our fears in Episode 6 along with some challenges. The episode was our first interview of an author not associated with Spotlighting the Indie Author.

The Challenge: The Author Lauren Robinson resides in Northern Ireland. Northern Ireland's time zone is 6 hours ahead of Nashville, Tennessee. We needed a night owl for this interview.

The Fear: The interview would take place using Skype to connect the Interviewer and Interviewee. For more on this read our blog Spotlighting the Indie Author - Turning the Corner. to better understand what I fears with Skype are.

Spotlighting the Indie Author sent their night owl who also happens to be the best interviewer we have up to this point to the plate.

The Goal: Share enough information about the authors debut novel, The Boy Who Saw in Colours to peak the listeners curiosity increasing book sales.

The interview was informative as well as being entertaining. The parties were upbeat and appeared to enjoy the conversation they were having. The questions asked allowed the listeners to learn about Lauren Robinson the author and person. The discussion the two had about The Boy Who Saw in Colours stirred the pot of curiosity.

Conclusion, Goal: Accomplished

Equipment: Joseph records with a USB mic. This meant he would have to listen to the conversation using the Audio-Technica ATH-M40x headphones. To simplify the connections we purchased an Astro A10 Headset. Cost $59.99. This gave us one computer connection that allowed Joseph to hear and talk.

The mic on the Astro A10 Headset is not the best, but it's not bad either. The voice comes through clear and has life to it. Of course you can hear the difference between the headset and Joseph's regular podcast mic. This difference is noticeable during the podcast. Explanation below.

This prompted Nina to research headsets for one that would give us broadcast quality. She didn't like the fact that Astro A10 Headset was designed for gaming and became uncomfortable after about two hours or less. Nina found the perfect solution. The Audio-Technica BPHS1, cost $199.00 or the Audio-Technica BPHS2, cost $349.00. Both are broadcast headsets with dynamic boom microphones. We will do more research on these then add one or the other to our future upgrade list.

Now to our friend and enemy Skype. The connection to start with was nice and clear. The longer the conversation went on the more distorted the voices became. At one point it got so bad they had to stop the conversation, back up to the previous question and restart.

Joseph mentioned in the blog Spotlighting the Indie Author - Turning the Corner. that he didn't like the fact that you couldn't see what was being recorded while using the MP3 Skype Recorder Pro Edition, like in a DAW. This is why that is important.

Once the session ended the MP3 Skype recording was opened in the DAW (Audacity). After listening to it there were a couple of sections that Joseph's voice didn't record, but Lauren gave the answers to the missing question. This proves she heard Joseph, it just didn’t get recorded. There were sections where Joseph's voice recorded but Laurens didn't or her answers was so distorted the segment could not be used.

Joseph contacted Lauren and she gracefully agreed to redo those sections that her answers didn't record or did but could not be used. Joseph and Lauren repeated the process the next morning completing the podcast.

Here’s the expiation from above. To save time in post-production, Joseph went ahead and re-recorded the questions for the segments that had the answers, but no questions. Without thinking he used his normal mic for the first one. He decided to leave it in as a comparison. The others he used the Astro A10 Headset.

You can still tell a difference in the sound quality with the questions that were re-recorded straight to the DAW with the Astro A10 Headset. This will give you a comparison between a Skype recording and recording straight to a DAW.

There is no other way to put this. I hate the MP3 Skype recorder Pro edition for the following reason. No matter how you record, stereo or mono, both voices are on a single track. That makes it hard to remove background noise. There was not a lot in this episode but there were some and it was loud and distracting. Some of it was behind either the guest’s voice or the host’s. For these instances we tried to use noise reduction to eliminate them. That didn't work. Once the back ground noise was removed, the voices became distorted.

This is where I have to give Alitu, an automated podcast producer, credit and don't mind the monthly subscription fee. Once the podcast was pieced together in Audacity we moved it to Alitu. They leveled the voices and sounds out. The background noise is still there but doesn’t distract from the show as the voices of Lauren and Joseph are front and center with a music bed behind them.

Episode 6 Hosted by: Joseph Clay
Episode 6 Announcers: Kelli Winkler, Nina Turnipseed

Joseph Clay - Astro A10 Headset.
Kelli Winkler -Samson Q2U
Lauren Robinson: Unknown microphone

The body of the podcast consisting of Host, Joseph Clay and Guest, Lauren Robinson was recorded via Skype using the MP3 Skype recorder Pro edition.


Episode 6, is a 2020 production of Spotlighting the Indie Author, a Joseph E Clay podcast. Produced and directed by Joseph E Clay edited and mixed by Joseph E Clay and Kelli Winkler.

Thank all of you for reading the blog and listening to Spotlighting the Indie Author Podcast.