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Podcast Notes Episode 15

Issue 162 * Blog 41-2020 * Read Time: 2 Mins. * Post Category: Podcast Notes

Podcast Title: Book Review – Decoding the Rapture by Joey Andolini

Todays Show Technical Data

  • Kelli Winklers Voice Over segments recorded offsite by Kelli Winkler.
  • Todays show was recorded with the Rode Caster Pro using the following Mic. Rode ProCaster Dynamic Microphone - Joseph Clay's voice was recrded to the Rode Caster Pro, MicroSD Card.
  • DAW's - Mixing, Post-Production and Editing with Audacity. Final post-production by Alitu
  • Episode 15 was Directed and Produced, Mixed and Edited by Joseph E Clay Dot Com.

Sound Effect Credits

  • News Intro - Recorded by Maximilien, Courtesy of Sound Bible.
  • Drum Roll Please – by Scheffler, Courtesy of Free Sound.
  • Host Leaving Podcast was mixed using the following sound effects: Walking Away Sound - Recorded by Mike Koenig, Courtesy of Sound Bible, Frying Pan Impact - Recorded by Mike Koenig, Courtesy of Sound Bible and Door Slam 2 - by Lyd4Tuna, Courtesy of FreeSound.

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