Spotlighting the Indie Author

Ways to Donate

Ways to Donate

Authors fall in to two different categories. Traditional and Self-Published (AKA Indie Authors). The books written by Indie Authors are just as good as those written by traditional authors. However the tales written by the Indie Author along with the author are very seldom heard from.

That's where Spotlighting the Indie Author podcast comes in. We put the spotlight on the Indie Author and their works. We do this with book reviews and interviews with a dash of writing wisdom tossed in.

Spotlighting the Indie Author does not charge the author for a book review or interview. Heck our services are free to the participants and listeners.

Tio help cover the cost of hosting fees, production and other bills associated with the podcast; we depend on donations from our dedicated listeners, authors, and those who have the desire, like us, to shine the spotlight on Indie Authors. Please give the show a listen, if you enjoy the podcast, or have been a guest on the show or had your work featured or just believe in what we are doing, help us out. Who knows, you may be helping the next Stephen King get noticed.

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