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Christina (Christy) Marie Warren, is an American born, now retired accountant who is a MS Warrior! She was born and raised in Texas and still resides there. Christy is an avid reader and loves all books no matter the genre. She is the mother of two wonderful kids, Conner and Anna. Christy has been an MS Warrior since September 2016.

Christy is an Executive Assistant at Joseph E Clay Dot Com. Her duties include, Book Review Manager, Blogger for ThunderHorse Publishing and Spotlighting the Indie Author. Christy is also a staff writter for The Corral. She is the writer of the feature - Book Reviews by Christy.

Being an avid reader and her knowledge of books Christy is also a Guest Reviewer for Spotlighting the Indioe Author

Born: March 14, 1976 (Pisces)
Place of Birth: Fort Worth, Texas
Education: High School: GED

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