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Dennis Mossburg

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Dennis Mossburg has a worked over 17 years in corrections and is an Incident Command System (ICS), Type III Operations Section Chief. Dennis is also the founder of Grey Moose Leadership Group.

As a leader, he has supervised staff in corrections, supervising their day-to-day activities and emergency response. As a member of a Type III incident management team, Dennis has responded to emergencies involving contaminated water incidents, computer system breeches, the Kilauea Volcano in Hawai'i and Hurricane Florence in North Carolina.

He is also a volunteer at Dachshund Rescue NW.

Professionally Dennis has lead teams in pre-planned uses of force in the corrections setting, supported county jails in communities under threat of wild fires, and assisted the Island of Hawai'i in responding to the Kilauea volcano and provided guidance and support in rescue and humanitarian missions in North Carolina.
Much of his leadership experience has been in getting A Type personalities to get along and move in the same direction.
Some of his proudest professional moments are helping to rescue the mistreated. Dennis has been a longtime volunteer at DRNW and has recently created their strategic plan and created other business reports for the rescue.

In his spare time, Dennis enjoys bicycling, weightlifting, spending time with his dogs and wife. So far his battle tested leaderships skills have no effect on the dogs or wife.

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