Max B Sternberg

Special guest

Max B Sternberg is a Believer, Husband, and Father; who strives to live his life as best he can – in all areas – for Jesus.
Max lives in Virginia with his wonderful wife and two incredible boys. When he is not working, or filling his time with the activities of a husband and dad, he enjoys delving deeper into biblical scripture and telling dad jokes.

Max believes that humor, mixed with truth, and tied together in a relatable way, can be an amazing way to reach people for the Lord. It is his sincere hope that readers will find his imaginings, paired together with biblical truth, inspirational for a deeper relationship with Christ.

The Rhise of Light is Max B Sternberg’s first literary work, and he is currently working on two additional novels for the Darkness Overcome series.

You can contact Max via email at or through his website Max can be found on Facebook and MeWe.

Max B Sternberg has been a guest on 2 episodes.