Robert Biehn

Special guest

Robert Biehn is a Masterful Storyteller. Not a storyteller as in white lies and fibbing but the art of storytelling, with the written word whether it be lyrical or novels.

Robert is a Christian man who enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter. Besides his family Robert also has an abundance of passion for helping others!

Robert is a licensed real estate agent along with being a professional contract negotiator. He also enjoys singing/songwriting, writing books and scripts, acting, along with a variety of other things.

His personal motto,

"Work for what I own, Own all that I am.
Kiss whom I love, Love whom I kiss.
Give as I've been given, Don't take life as a given.
Humility be, my closest friend,
That I may always love, even after my end."

Moto written by Robert Biehn (Pronounced

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