Tilly McGill

Special guest

Tilly McGill, a native of Michigan is a self-taught writer. Tilly is a contemporary poet whose work encompasses all facets of the human condition. Delivering prose and storytelling that captivates her readers from start to finish, McGill surpasses all expectations in her brand of written artistic expression. Tilly McGill’s writing is greatly influenced by the trials and tribulations of life, trauma and heartbreak.
McGill through her writing reveals her personal journey into mental health in an attempt to be a beacon of hope for others, hoping her work resonates with the reader on a personal level.

Tempest of the Firefly, her second self-published poetry book; will take you into the depths of the shadow, a stark contrast to her first book, Whispers from a Firefly. Tempest of the Firefly, contains long form prose and poetry meant to bring you deep into the thick of emotion. When the darkness comes forth, we can appreciate the light. Without the night, we would never see the stars. In this collection of poetry Tilly desires to ignite the fading light and become the spark needed in the thickest twilight. Tilly “Firefly” McGill hopes these tales of riding out the storm serve the reader well.

Remember there is always light in the dark.

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