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About the show

Spotlighting the Indie Author is a podcast that showcases the Independent Author using Book Reviews and Interviews with a dash of writing wisdom tossed in. Join us twice a month as we interview Indie Authors, discuss what they have or will be releasing, and review the books they have written, Watch for our bonus shows between the regularly scheduled programs. Come on, join us for the fun!

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  • Episode 1: Book Review - Hotel 66 - by Michael King

    February 26th, 2020  |  10 mins 14 secs
    hotel 66, independent author, joseph clay, joseph e clay dot com podcast, michael king, nina turnipseed, podcast, writing tips, writing wisdom

    Book Review of Hotel 66 written by Independent Author Michael King. How many stars will Nina and Joseph award this book? Will the book make the cut or deemed not worth the readers time or money. Maybe the tale deserves a round of applause from Nina and Joe?